Academics at Bayer

At each grade level, students are challenged to achieve through rigorous academics.  The school culture helps students develop critical thinking skills, natural curiosity, and a love of learning.  

  • Reading begins with pre-decodables in pre-school, moving into reading and writing workshops, literature analysis, and novel studies through middle school.
  • Language arts integrates grammar, vocabulary, and writing in various genres.  
  • Mathematics is introduced in the preschool with four primary areas: number sense, measurement, geometry, and patterns.
  • Kindergarten through 4th grade study two match curriculums daily; Singapore and Saxon.  Together, they cover both the algorithmic side and application of concepts and skills.
  • Social Studies takes the students on a journey from communities, states, world geography, and the early ages to the present. Student presentations include a wax museum, state fair, and reenactment of a Revolutionary War battle.  
  • Science combines didactic learning with an inquiry-based lab.  Units in the areas of LifeScience Earth and Space, Physical Science are covered in lower school.
  • Spanish is taught daily with an emphasis on vocabulary acquisition and conversation.  
  • Students receive daily PE instruction which includes exposure to various sports and rules, nutrition and fitness, and sportsmanship.  
  • Technology and music round out the enrichment classes offered.
Accredited Private School in Glendale

   Our academic program is designed to teach students knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will best prepare them for success in life endeavors.

More Bayer Private School students perform at the highest levels of testing. 

These students perform better than 80% of their counterparts nationwide on standardized testing.

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