Bayer School History

Bayer Private School History

The Bayer School story began in 1954 when my grandparents Bayer opened up a private school in the Rancho Solano neighborhood in central Phoenix.  It became the number one private school in the valley when it was acquired in 2007 by an international school company.

Bayer Private School was founded in 2014, three generations and 60 years later, by parents and teaching professionals seeking a school with high standards of education, a strong sense of values, and a commitment to community.  The ‘Legacy of Learning’ promises the benefit of our longstanding commitment and experience in private education in the valley.

Bayer Private School is a non-sectarian private school in the northwest valley.  The school uses time-honored, traditional educational practices and accelerates the curriculum to provide challenging instruction to the classroom that motivates students.  We know every student well, provide a variety of educational experiences, and meet the needs of a small community.

It is our honor and privilege to bring accelerated private education to the northwest valley and your children.  Allowing your child to experience the joy of learning and a well-rounded education is the best gift you can give them.  Come visit our campus and see for yourself that high achievement can be attained in a happy, positive, community-based environment.

Kelly Lovelady