Support Bayer

Supporting Bayer benefits our currently families, prospective families, and our community.

Bayer Private School realizes that there are many students who would benefit from a private education that do not have the means to do so. Bayer has established a scholarship fund which benefits those students who meet all the criteria necessary for enrollment but struggle to meet the financial requirements. Candidates for scholarship go through an academic and financial vetting process and are ultimately voted upon by our Board of Directors.

Through the generous donations of our families, local businesses, and our PTSO, Bayer continues to provide our students with the latest technology and resources available. We have a series of funds that directly benefit our school including the following:

  • Scholarship Fund
  • Teacher Fund
  • Music Fund
  • Athletic Fund
  • Playground/Campus Fund
  • Classroom Fund
  • Technology Fund

Bayer is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization which means that all donations made to our school are tax deductible. Upon receipt of your donation, those who donate will receive a donor acknowledgement form for use when filing their taxes.

We at Bayer greatly appreciate the generosity of those who value private school education and want to help us continue to grow our school and community as well as to make it a reality for those families for whom it is cost prohibitive.