Virtual Classrooms

virtual learning at Bayer Private School

While Bayer School Facilities remain closed due to COVID-19, we are continuing education through virtual classrooms until safe for students and faculty to return to school. Bayer Private School is answering phone calls, emails and text messages.

How Do Virtual Classrooms Work?

Students are attending classes every day using Zoom – and teachers are not skipping a beat on lessons!

For PK3-4th grade, teachers have setup a virtual classroom. Some grades have fun additions like Kindergarten’s Sunset Storytime in the evening,  or popup Zoom lunches together.

Older students who rotate classrooms and subjects can switch from class to class by joining their next Zoom meeting, and teachers provide work on Google Classroom. Like all middle school students, they are in classes all day.  There has been no compromise to their education.

“To the teachers – they have never wavered, prepared exceedingly, and have laid out a plan for the students that makes this as normalized as possible for them.  That is simply more than I could have ever hoped for as a parent.”

Parent Feedback

Parents are a crucial part to virtual learning, and have been quick to give feedback and help navigate this process with teachers and students. Here’s what they have to say about the experience:

“Wow! I’ve experienced and heard from my son that he has great days at school. To watch it in action, in an environment that has thrown challenges to these teachers, to say they are truly phenomenal is an understatement. This past week has been a true testament to the love and dedication the teachers and administration have for our kids and our families. Though the kids are not physically together, these teachers ensure they are part of the class.”

“All citizens have so many unknowns and changes and fear in their lives now, but somehow, in something so important that I know many parents around Arizona, the country, and the world are fretting over their kids’ education, you have managed to make this feel so comforting for us.”

What About Summer Camp?

Our top priority is the health and safety of our campers, students, and staff. Unfortunately, Summer Camp 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Can We Still Enroll For 2020/2021?

Absolutely! There are three ways to apply to Bayer Private School:

  1. Online through our Admissions Form
  2. Call Admissions: (480) 331-9833
  3. Email Us:

For any questions, please contact Bayer Private School at (623) 362-3700